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Fabio here to bring everyone a helpful check list that I think everyone should review before or while packing up before any tabletop gaming event they plan on attending. The reason I have made this quick checklist is because I have experienced & witnessed many people coming to events and are completely unorganized. Sure some will say what ever its not a big deal and your right, its not a big deal but its something that can help players be on time, be ready to engage with your opponent as soon as you arrive at a table rather then fumbling all over the place and can assist in making everyone’s overall experience with you as an opponent much better.

1. Your Army


  • Go through your list and make sure all models needed are accounted for

2. Army ListScreen_Shot_2016-06-10_at_7.21.52_AM.png


  • Always bring several copies! Check how many games you have and add an extra for the TO’s and possibly one more for yourself as a quick reference. Example the PoWGT is five (5) rounds so you would need to bring seven (7) copies of your army lists.

3. Codex(s)


  • Make sure you bring all codex’s with any rules for your army! Lets face it, with the amount of rules out there its hard to know them all. This is a courtesy to your opponent and also to help speed games up if there is any rules disputes.

4. Warhammer 40k Rulebook


  • This is a must. No player should ever go to any sort of event without this book for the same reasons as #3

5. Pen and Paper

  • While more often then not you wont be using these things I strongly advise you to bring them. With things like Maelstrom that requires you to keep track of points its always easier if both players are marking things down. This also allows both players to double check with each other to ensure both parties are on the same page throughout the game and can settle any issues early rather than trying to address them all at the very end.

6. Ruler/Dice/Templates


  • These are the essentials so make sure to bring them. I would also encourage all participants in any event to put their name on there stuff to ensure they don’t “walk away”. It also may be a good idea to bring several “bricks” of dice for when your first set decide that ones are all they will roll!

7. Tokens / Objective Markers


  • Not all tournaments provide these items but most typically require them. So it is a good idea to pack a set of these in order to again keep the flow of the game going throughout the event you are taking part in.

8. Glue


  • Lets face it accidents happing weather it occur during transport, while setting up, moving from table to table, or someone accidentally bumps a table and a model falls.  Don’t sweat it, just pick it up and use your trusty glue that you have in your carrying case!

9. Display Board / T.V Tray


  • While not mandatory at all these items are important for several reasons.
    • Allow easy transportation of your army from table to table.
    • It’s a nice display and it makes it easier for judges to actually judge your painting (if applicable in the event you are in)
    • The tray allows you to have a place to rest your display board that is not on the table in the event there is not enough space between tables at the event you are at.
    • The Tray also ensures that you are not crushing terrain with your display board while trying to unpack models during, before, or after games.

10. Deodorant &/or Axe


  • If you are laughing and think this does not belong then you are part of the problem! Over long days of gaming in what are usually smaller spaces the odds of B.O becoming a factor is very much real. So please be courteous and bring / apply once, maybe twice during the day.

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