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1st Annual Plains of War GT Coming August 2016

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- About Us -


The Plains of War GT is a large scale Warhammer 40,000 tournament. Over 40 hobbyists attended in 2016 with 40 taking to the table tops to take battle it out for the PoWGT Best Overall award.

In 2017 while we have decided not to grow in attendees to the premier event, we have gown in number of events. This year we will be running two events: our Plains of War 40k GT in May and a 40k Highlander RT event in March.

- Our History -


Originally established for the purpose of hosting a Singles 40k tournament has now become more about the social aspect affiliated with table top gaming. As our following has grown so have our ambitions and it is our goal to bring a large scale wargaming convention, with a focus on organised play, to Winnipeg. This is the aspiration that drives us and with your help we can make it happen.


- Our Staff -


Fabio Fiorentino - Event Organizer

image1.JPGFabio “Chaosftw” Fiorentino, aka ‘The Italian’ Is a Founding Member of the Plains of War gaming group. Fabio has been playing 40k since 2002. He saw some guys playing it in the art room of his old high school over the lunch hours and has not stopped since.

After his hiatus during college his love for conversions and game play brought him back into the hobby and has been collecting and converting for tournament play since. Fabio really enjoys the tournament scene, he really enjoys the challenge that it brings to the hobby and getting to see new and old faces is never really a bad thing ether. Fabio also enjoys traveling for tournaments he has been to a handful in the U.S as well as several in Central Canada. While never hoisting top prize yet at a major event Fabio has managed to pick up several pieces of hardware at multiple events.

Fabio’s Main army is Nurgle Chaos Space Marines. Although due to the last couple of codecies being very sub-par he has moved on to other projects to pass the time. Eldar (Wraithwing and Footdar) could be argued to be his new ‘Main’ army and the Necrons (Flying Circus and Canoptek Swarm) being a close second. He also has dabbled into SM (own flavor), GK (Termies) , Orks (funny stories behind these guys), Daemons (Caster Crazy), Tau (Suit spam), Blood Angles (Death Company), Harlequins, and his most recent project Eldar Corsairs (Silent Killers).

Fabio Also has many other interests that sometimes take a back seat to work and 40k but are still influential on his personality and how he approaches the game at times. They Include Soccer, Football (HUGE Dolphins fan), Snow and Wake boarding, and Volleyball.




Scott Bewer - Design Co-Ordinator

283271_10150719903210104_3513709_n.jpgRemember the good ol' days, when you'd take a look at all your cool models and not have a clue what each of em did? Call up your friend and say "Hey, wanna have a game, all of your models vs all of mine?" Well, Scott sure does. Back in 2nd edition he inherited his very first Eldar army and its been downhill ever since. From there, gaming in the basement of Galaxy Comics with a bunch of sweaty nerds slowly evolved into gaming in the lounge of Reset Ultralounge... with a bunch of drunk sweaty nerds. Life is grand, isnt it?

Since 2nd Edition, Scott has played more armies than he wants to admit! Necrons and Imperial Guard being two of the most recent favourites. Ever since he saved enough pennies to purchase an airbrush, painting has become a lot less painful and a lot more enjoyable, and in turn he has seen some success in the tournament circuit with his painted miniatures. After realizing how healthy and hungry the tournament scene in Winnipeg is, Scott quickly turned his attentions to organizing and running events alongside his trusted friend Paul Leaden and created the Twin Eagles circuit under the umbrella of sister-company AYBOnline.

Now a days, Scott finds himself working a myriad of jobs, pulling experience from many different facets of life that help contribute to the work he does with Plains of War. With an educational background in Business and Technology and hobbyist-level background in Graphics Design, Advertising Media and Promotions, Scott plans to bring a new level of professionalism and presentation to the 40k scene in Winnipeg!


Wes S. - Swag Specialist

10428036_10152609687001517_792966848970539215_n.jpgWes, aka StickMonkey's, first exposure to 40K was a lone Dark Angels Tactical Marine back in 1993. Although it wasn't until his mid-teens, that found his true 40K passion for all things Eldar. Since then he has built up sizable Imperial Fists, Blood Ravens, Necron, Tau and Dark Angel armies. More recently he has narrowed down his armies to just Dark Angels and Eldar (all 3 flavours!)

Having been a hobbyist for many years, it wasn't until 2008 that he actually started playing 40K, but very quickly became hooked. He's competed at several Warhammer World tournaments and more recently, in Winnipeg and the USA too. So far, 2015 has been a great gaming year for him, winning Mechani-kon and Dark Star with his fluffy Dark Angels and Dark Eldar respectively. He's currently working on his Harlequin Masque for LVO 2016.

Sadly, Wes returns to the UK in the summer of 2016, so is unlikely be at the first Plains of War tournament. He will, however, work hard alongside Fabio and Scott to grow the Winnipeg 40K community and if nothing else, will be eye candy at the free monthly gaming @ the Reset Ultralounge.


Kyle P. - Rules/ FAQ database

Kyle first got hooked on 40k while reading a loaned Codex: Ultramarines. It wouldn't be until 2012 that he would take the plunge and dive into the deep waters of 40k. After spending time flirting with Ultramarine and Red Corsairs Chaos Marine armies his true love of Chaos Daemons appeared. This would be the army that would push him towards tournaments and always more games.

Learning from the Edmonton tournament scene was an excellent introduction to competitive 40k. After some initial struggles several 3rd place finishes occured at major tournaments in Edmonton.

In 2015 Kyle moved back to Winnipeg to start over. After discovering the passion of the players in the Winnipeg community he was excited to help contribute to the tournament scene. Currently Kyle runs Adeptus Mechanicus (combined Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, and Imperial Knights), Chaos Daemons, Eldar, and Harlequins. As of now the next project on the horizon is Dark Eldar to complete the 3 flavours of Eldar.

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